The problem is my hurt and pain always expresses itself as anger. My heart could be breaking into two, but I’ll be ready to curse you and your mother out & punch a whole in the gotdamn wall.


know yourself and your needs

some people can do the do without emotions

and some can’t

neither perspective is right or wrong

just know there will always be problems when people from one group start rolling around with the other

  • at the start of the semester: i'm gonna get a 4.0 gpa
  • at the end of the semester: perfection is the disease of a nation...pretty hurts, pretty hurts

Let go, or be dragged.

Zen Proverb  (via saintofsass)

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I really want to have a good relationship with my child(ren) if I end up having them. Like I am your fabulous Nigerian mother and you are my fabulous African offspring but I will respect the fact that you are your own divine person but our souls shall connect because we are different but of the same